How to publish an indie game on Steam: simple tips - Part 3

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How to publish an indie game on Steam: simple tips - Part 3

This is the third part of my article series devoted to releasing your own game on the Steam platform. We look at the nuances that will facilitate the moderation of our game.

Steam Greenlight walkthrough – practical advice

At the moment, there is a tendency to for games to pass easily on Steam Greenlight, games are approved in large quantities, and even getting into the top 100. My game, for example, was not at the top, but it was already approved.

What to do when you release the game on Steam Greenlight?

The first couple of days people will go to the page of your game and they will see that it recently appeared on Steam Greenlight. You are required to respond promptly to comments, be sure to thank them for your support, and it is better to ignore the negatives and not to argue. I want to warn you that you will not be able to publish your project if you are waiting for your game to be voted on and sent to the store. You have to work very hard. You have to do marketing, whether you like it or not. This is not so bad, because the release of the game on Steam Greenlight is an excellent reason to announce the game to your future audience or start building your brand.

When the hype passes and the game page is no longer easy to find, you need to begin to act independently. What can you do by yourself? Just invite people to the game page and ask them to vote for the project.

Here are some examples:

  • Invite¬†them. Using the game’s blog, all social networks – Twitter, Facebook, in the Steam-group.
  • I asked for votes for the game in personal correspondence, some good friends and acquaintances reposted my notes or posted about the game on their sites, pages, and groups.
  • Visit indie gaming sites. It is essential to write a non-advertising post and don’t copy-paste from one site to another. You need to tell about the development of the game, what you plan to do, show screenshots and ask for their support if they liked your project.

Facilitating the passing of my game on Steam Greenlight:

  • I already had a small audience, a small but my own. Before that, I had already published information about this project. I had a blog on the website, I always talked about the game in social networks and shared with my friends.
  • People who participated in the game development team also promoted the game.
  • Spread the word on many gaming forums and sites about indie games!

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