How to publish an indie game on Steam: simple tips - Part 2

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How to publish an indie game on Steam: simple tips - Part 2

This is the second part about my personal experiences with Steam Greenlight. I will describe a few nuances that need to be considered before you submit an application.

At what stage should you start the application to Steam Greenlight?

Please do not confuse “Steam Greenlight” with the “Steam Workshop” and “Steam Concepts.” In the workshop, you can upload mods to games. In concepts, you can post an idea of ​​your game or demo. There you can lay out test ideas and materials for free. Moreover, you can gather a community and get opinions on your game. I did not post my game in “Concepts,” but immediately went to Steam Greenlight. However, this step may precede your Greenlight submission.
As soon as you have materials that can make an impression – go right away.
It is best that the gap between your Steam Greenlight submission and the release is not very large. Players who are waiting, are already beginning to get nervous. You will need all this time to maintain interest in the game so that the people who are waiting do not have the feeling that you have abandoned everything.
Also, consider that the integration with Steam can take a lot of time, and these services are available only after passing through Steam Greenlight. So you need to strike a balance between “too early” and “too late.”

What you need to access Steam Greenlight

Earlier, I mentioned that you must first pay for submission. Well, after this is done, you can start making your page.

  • The video. Do not make an exciting trailer, the main content should be to show the gameplay. Upload your trailer on YouTube and Steam will recognize your video and publish it on the page anyway.
  • Screenshots. Screenshots and video should be done in English.
  • Logo icon. It is essential that the logo is a good, bright.
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Description the game in text form. You can add languages here.

Do I need a demo?

This is another frequently asked question. In my opinion, it is entirely optional, most people look at the logo of the game first, then at the video and screenshots, read the beginning of the description, and only then make their decision. My game was released without a demo version, and I had no problems with that. Nevertheless, I have a couple of friends who have released a demo version of their project. After some time, Steam approved their application, and they successfully added their game.

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