How to Make Money on Runescape Quickly?

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How to Make Money on Runescape Quickly?

Money matters, whether it is a game or real life. Everyone is running after the money and the race never ends. Its a never ending race the humans take part in as soon as they become adults. Same phenomena occurs in Runescape, The players indulge in the same race to acquire more and more money or also known as GP. This starts as soon as a Runescape player leaves the tutorial island and reaches the main island.

Lumbridge – Main Island Teleport after Tutorial Island on Oldschool Runescape

Oldschool Runescape Gold

The journey begins from Lumbridge. Without hustling here and there, run through the woods and wizards in the Varrock or Draynor to reach the Barbarian Village where you can make your first 10K for FREE! YES! You read it right, you can get 10K absolutely free in just 10 minutes at max. All you have to do is to complete the Stronghold of Security dungeon and you will be awarded with 10K coins and a beautiful pair of colorful boots. Caution!! Make sure you bring food along to survive the high level NPCs in the dungeon. Since you have your first 10K now, you are good to get basic supplies for your character.  

Now you have multiple choices to opt. 

Swap RS3 & OSRS Gold

The first one and the easiest one is to get on your RS3 account and swap rs3 to osrs gold super fast. One of the best Runescape Gold Swapping service is ZedRS. I have personally used them many times and always got up to the mark service without any doubt. They always try to swap your gold for the best swap rates compared to other competitors and never have had any negative feedback. Yeah thats true! They have 0 negative feedback! 

Methods to Farm OSRS Gold for Beginners

Second option is to complete small tasks, gather supplies and sell it in the Grand Exchange to get quick cash. This can be tiring and hectic but you will have to work hard in order to get something. Some easy to get items are cow hides, bones, iron ore, fishes e.g salmon and trout and many other similar items. Gather these, bank them and collect a bunch before you sell them in the GE. 

Running Pure Essence for Law and Nature Runes

Third one? Yeah let me explain. Another method you can easily get cash is to run pure essence for the runecrafters at the nature altar or law altar. You just have to get 25 pure essence and run to the altar, go to the essence running world. So what will you have to do exactly? There are players at the altar who need their pure essence un noted and in return, they will give you a specific amount of law or nature runes. You get 25 pure essence, trade it to the runecrafter and get 25 noted essence + runes from him. Run to the bank or a general store, un-note them and get back to the runecrafter. Repeat the process and you will be able to gather few thousand runes in a couple of hours which can sell for upto 1M+ 

Congratulations!! You just made your first 1M on the Oldschool Runescape

Duel Arena Staking and OSRS Maxed Main Rentals

Staking in Duel Arena World 302

Last but not the least, this is pretty risky but you should try your luck. One of the fastest money making method is the Duel Arena in the game. You can stake money against the other players and test your luck and your gaming skills. 

Whoever wins the fight, takes the bounty. Don’t worry if your account is not well trained and you are slacking but really want to stake. I would recommend you to rent osrs maxed main from ZedRS. I have seen couple of my clan mates renting a staker from them reguarly and staking with 50-50 odds which gives them a little bit security of the game being fair for both sides. One of my close friend was able to make 5500M (5.5b+ 07 gold) within 30 minutes by staking through the main account he rents daily through ZedRS. They can be easily reached through their livechat on the website.

DaggerGames Recommendation:

Happy Scaping! Runescape is no fun without any gold, therefore get on the work as soon as possible so you can brag about your 3rd age, partyhats and other rares in front of your friends while they are still struggling to even buy a full rune amour set.

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