How to publish an indie game on Steam: simple tips - Part 8

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How to publish an indie game on Steam: simple tips - Part 8

In this article, I am happy to share my experiences on the promotion of games in Steam. These are the ways that our game development studio used at the beginning of our career.

Promotion of the game

This stage begins with the release of the game and can last up to a month or even more. Our team has enough experience in the promotion of games on Steam. This paragraph will be very useful for those who did not do this before. Keep in mind that I only talk about free ways to promote, as they are basic. The main goal at this stage is to get to the “Popular news” section. The games in this list are quite short-lived and quickly disappear. Also, the number of activated keys is taken into account here, so free giveaway of keys is perfect for this purpose.

Raffle game keys

You provide the keys, and then either all participants repost it while the keys are randomly raffled, or you can think of something more interesting. But the reposts have an advantage here as you talk more about the game in this way, especially this kind of draw is well suited for a large community.
Many groups on Facebook and Steam generally calmly allow you to post about a recent release without any raffles, so be guided by circumstances.

Gameplays, video reviews and streams

There are special sites where these people will find your game, for example, twitch. You contact any streamer you like from the list, and then offer him a few keys, and he will stream your game. With YouTube gamers the same thing.

Free keys giveaway

It all depends on your strategy. Many developers distribute keys to everyone, and they say that it increases the popularity of the game, because other players see that they are playing a game and may also be interested. And so more people know about the game. However, I did not try this method, after all, it can kill purchases. When people see that the game can be obtained for free, people will wait to receive another free key. But you can just stopt the distribution. I have not tried this method, it is still quite risky, but maybe it makes sense.

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