How to publish an indie game on Steam: simple tips - Part 7

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How to publish an indie game on Steam: simple tips - Part 7

Based on my personal experience, I will try to explain how to choose a good date for the release and talk a little about income.

Release your game

The timing of the release is very important, the success of the game largely depends on it. I do not understand this issue, but I can warn against the simple dangers. I strongly advise you not to release the game during sales. Some people have already made their purchases, and they will not be distracted by any other new releases, especially if the release is without a discount or even a small discount. Announcing your product immediately after the end of the sale is also not the best idea – as a rule, people have already spent money and most likely will not want to buy your game. But before the start of the summer sale, on the contrary, it is quite a good time to release your game.

What is allowed/forbidden to do in the first days of release?

In the previous article, I mentioned what problems and difficulties I encountered at the release stage. But let’s briefly summarize.
You will find a massive stream of letters to your page, most of which are from freeloaders and not worth the attention. In the first days, there will be a lot of feedback, it’s worth answering them, but you shouldn’t focus on this, because it is essential to use this time more efficiently for timely announcements on different websites. It must be remembered that the release is the most important and perhaps the most significant moment for your game and almost the only reliable way to pay attention to it. So you need to write about your game wherever you can.
After a recent change in the Steam interface, a certain amount of impressions are no longer guaranteed at release. You need to ask people to leave good feedback on the game. Reviews in the case of players that purchased the game for free (for example, you gave him the key so that he wrote a review) are not counted without special settings. Generally cheating reviews, as you know, is prohibited.

Sales, prices and statistics

Do not think that you will become a millionaire soon! In the first few months after the release, you will not receive any income from the game. Steam sends money no before the 30th of the last month, so it’s worth keeping this in mind. As well as the fact that Steam itself takes 30 percent for distribution, plus you will have to pay income tax. Special attention should be paid to commission.

It is also worth noting that Steam Greenlight is not an indicator of the success of the game, and does not affect sales.
There is SteamSpy – there you can collect and see sales statistics on games on Steam. But keep in mind that it gives inaccurate data.
If you are interested in information about prices and discounts for any game, you can look at SteamDB.
Based on these statistics and similar games on Steam, it is worth concluding the appropriate price for your game. Price balance is important – if you list your game too expensive, then no one will buy, and if it is too cheap, they will think that the game is horrible and again they will not buy. Before setting the price for my game, I consulted with my friends and compared the prices for similar games in the store. By the way, it is also important that, depending on the region, prices can be input differently.

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