Early Development Days of World of Warcraft

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Early Development Days of World of Warcraft

Today, we will be talking about how World of Warcraft has evolved from its early stages of development in 2003 to the best MMORPG of all time. It’s hard to believe that the game that is 15 years old is still the leading giant in the MMORPG genre. Also, could you ever imagine, 15 years ago, that we would have services such as WoW PVP Boost and WoW Dungeons Boost today? People that have played during Vanilla probably never could’ve thought that it would become so easy to get all the best gear in the game.

Early Alpha Stages

Back in 1999, World of Warcraft was still in its Alpha stage. Blizzard Entertainment wanted to create an MMO that was easier, and more rewarding than the MMOs we were used to back in those days. For example, in Everquest, each time you died, you lost a % of your XP and durability on your items. So if you were a bad player and continued dying, you’d keep losing your progress in-game. So Blizzard wanted to do something new, something special that has not been done before.

That’s when they came up with World of Warcraft. First, it was a mod for Warcraft III, and it slowly evolved into the game we have today. For example, look at this screenshot:

World of Warcraft’s Alpha Stage in 1999

This is the first screenshot of World of Warcraft that is available to the public. It shows the first iteration of a Human model and the UI. You can see that the Fireball icon remained almost the same to this day.

The game has then slowly been developed for 5 years, until its release in 2004.

Unreleased Content

During its lifetime, World of Warcraft has seen loads of scrapped content, both during the Alpha and Beta stages, and also during live stages. One of my favorite scrapped contents I like to mention is the Azshara Crater battleground.

WoW PVP Boost
Unreleased Azshara Crater Battleground

This battleground was supposed to be released somewhere between Vanilla and The Burning Crusade, but never was. It was originally placed in the zone of Azshara in Kalimdor. If you look online, you will be able to see more screenshots of this amazing looking battleground.

One more example of scrapped content is the islands in Draenor. The game was supposed to have several more islands and new zones, but they were all scrapped at some point. As you can see in this screenshot.

Scrapped Draenor Islands

That whole expansion was a mess, I think we can all agree on that, but maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if Blizzard hadn’t scrapped some of this content.

Modern World of Warcraft

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