World PVP in World of Warcraft

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World PVP in World of Warcraft

When the game first launched in 2004, there was no PVP system in place. You would just go around the world killing or sparing your enemies, it was completely up to you whether you wanted to PVP or not unless someone ganked you first of course. But that has changed over the years and many World of Warcraft expansions. Now we have Rated Battlegrounds and Arena to fight in.

World PVP

World PVP used to be something special in World of Warcraft. While traveling all over Azeroth you would surely encounter members of the opposing faction questing their way to max level. Whether you wanted to engage them or not, was your choice, if you were the first to see them of course.

One of the main world PVP hubs was Stranglethorn Valley in Eastern Kingdoms. The reason for this was because it was one of the first zones that had quests for both Alliance and Horde. Before level 30, Alliance would quest in Elywnn Forest, Westfall, Redridge Mountains, and Duskwood mostly. Horde, on the other side, would spend their time in Durotar, The Barrens, and Stonetalon Mountains. Stranglethorn Valley was the first zone that had the best quests for both factions, and that’s where the clash happened.

I remember the time when I first entered Stranglethorn Valley, and the first thing I saw was a skull level Horde player on their level 60 epic mount. This was the first time I saw someone with a skull instead of a level and had no idea what it meant. I saw that this player was hostile and I was just about to pass him by, when I got almost one shot and died at once. And this was my introduction to PVP in World of Warcraft.

WoW RBG Boost

Now, a decade later, PVP has changed a lot since that time. Now we have Rated Battlegrounds, Arenas, and Island Expeditions. We even have professional players that are willing to do the PVP grind for us. For example, a service I like to use is BoostArmory‘s WoW RBG BoostI even managed to get Gladiator title and mount with their help, and not even once have they let me down. I skipped on the whole grind, which was really helpful for me because I really did not have the time to sit in front of my PC all day and farm RBGs and Arenas. If you want to skip the grind and get the title, I think you should definitely do the same.

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