How to publish an indie game on Steam: simple tips - Part 5

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Integration with Steam.

After that, you will be available to closed sections in Steamworks. What is Steamworks? This is a unique set of tools designed to download the game and adapt it to Steam. Basically, this is done directly through the browser. Integration instructions, as well as test cases, are available to anyone registered on Steam.
Also, since you get into Steamworks, issuing and generating keys becomes available. Including you can set unique keys only for the period of testing. The same achievement and cards are also already issued even before the game is published.
With this tool, we add various add-ons to attract as many players as possible. Before this, it would be good to think in advance which Steam add-ons you will add to your game. Steamworks access can be given to several people at once, which is very convenient.

So, this is what you can add at this stage:

achievements – (Directly via the browser you upload pictures, descriptions and titles for them. Bear in mind that the names must match the program code of the game)
game statistics, which is useful for editing the balance in the game and can also be used as a table of records (For these purposes, there is a special section with a table)
cards, backgrounds, badges (on the cards the time interval there is set, after what period of time they should drop to the players)
cloud storages, or simply Steam Cloud – this allows you to keep saving games on different computers and synchronize between them, it is effortless to configure!

The integration of any additions is generally optional, but desirable. People most often take a game with cards and achievements. There is a category of players who individually buy games for the sake of cards, (even if it is bad) to make money by selling these same cards. However, achievements add excitement, and for them, you can also collect interesting statistics on the game.

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