First steps in learning 3D graphics - Part 2

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First steps in learning 3D graphics - Part 2

This is the second part of the article series in which I will teach you how to master 3D graphics. I will also share my personal experiences and tips.

Can you make a model for me to jumpstart my project?

No, any specialist with a decent level of skill does his job for money or a particular compensation (as a rule). It is essential to do everything yourself that others have already done in order to learn something. If someone has a lot of free time or desire, then he can help you, but in this case, do not expect the highest quality.

But is it so difficult, is there a simple solution? I lack motivation.

No, like everything else, mastering a 3D editor takes time and effort, and regular work with the interface is essential. Everyone goes through a creative crisis, and everyone has successes and failures. Show perseverance and be sure to become a professional.

So which editor is the easiest to learn?

You do not need to learn any software. Focus on learning to be a technician. When you are good at using any technique, the program will be a tool to achieve the desired result. As already mentioned, most of the courses and guides are in 3ds Max and Maya, but you should learn how to simulate and correctly use different techniques, not learn what each button does. For information about the interface, look for reference materials and the Internet.

What do gaming studios pay attention to when hiring? If I do not know how to work in one of these programs, they may not hire me?

Considering a portfolio or resume, the studio evaluates your skills, having the following priority:

  • Quality of work;
  • The universality of skills;
  • Experience;
  • Ability to work with software.

So they do not care what program I work with? And why is versatility so important?

With the exception of animators, to whom most of the rules in the 3D world are not applicable, studios need people who are capable of performing various kinds of tasks, and not just one. They need mod developers who know how to work with textures, riggers that deal with dynamics, lighting specialists who know textures. You can be a narrow specialist, but a broad focus will always help you find a job.

Looking at your knowledge about software, the studios take into account the editor they use themselves, but very often they will have their tools. This question is not very important, as long as you are well versed in the 3D space. When possessing the theory and knowledge of the necessary techniques, detailed knowledge using any software is a matter of a few days of study. Of course, there are also difficult cases where you have previously worked with only one program, but more often than not it does not matter if have experience working with a specific 3D editor.

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