First steps in learning 3D graphics - Part 3

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First steps in learning 3D graphics - Part 3

This is the final part of our article series in which I will tell you how to master 3D graphics. I will also share with you some useful links.

If you decide to create your own assets, then the attention should be on models, textures, and animation.

Low-poly modeling is in itself an art, extracting the maximum possible number of parts from a handful of polygons requires practice. Having created a model, you make it look better with UV scanning and embossed texturing.

The animation in games is not much different from animation in movies, except that the probability of a substantial deformation of the model is higher and there is no tight control. However, the basic principles remain valid.

List of useful links:

Not all courses are equally useful. Quality does not always depend on the price of the material, but most of them will be paid.

What comes after

Almost all popular courses are freely available but do not think that they are all free. You can find them via Google, but keep in mind that for more advanced courses you will have to pay. After the first courses, it is easy to switch to a more advanced level, there are more materials for advanced users, and they are more relevant. Besides, most employers want to work with an experienced designer.

At the next stage, you will experience the harsh everyday life of a beginner in the form of extended courses. In order to avoid them, try to put in as many hours as possible in your own practice. If you are learning 3D for games only, start by creating maps for them, for example using the Source SDK. Do you have programming experience? Immediately switch to game engines like Unreal or Unity. When you receive the first feedback from your workplace, you will want to improve even more.

The profession of a game designer is fascinating but at the same time difficult. You need enough free time and perseverance to succeed! I wish you good luck!

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