How to publish an indie game on Steam: simple tips - Part 9

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How to publish an indie game on Steam: simple tips - Part 9

This is the final article dedicated to the release of your product on the gaming platform Steam. I will tell you about the system of discounts and interaction with other developers. In the end, I will give you a couple of parting words as well. Guided by this article, you can effortlessly upload your indie game on steam!

Life after release


Unfortunately, sometimes people find bugs previously unnoticed by the developer. That’s why you need to release updates to fix them. If you see that the game is going well or many players want the same improvement, you can do content updates or even add additional materials, including paid ones. Updates attract additional attention to the project, but it does not compare with the release in its significance.
You can use the exciting brunch function, which allows you to keep several builds at the same time and easily switch between them. If you are not sure about the upcoming update, and it is not well tested, you can put up a backup build, rather than to release an unprepared patch or a dubious experimental version. You can even put a password on it.


The standard discount practices are as follows:

  • 10% discount on launch in the first week
  • 25-33% discount 3-6 months after release
  • 50% -66% discount in a year, etc.

Developers say that less than 20 percent discount has almost no effect. There are special promotions for discounts at Steam, such as “Publisher Week”, as well as various themed promotions. You can even suggest ideas to them, people say that there have been cases when they were accepted!


This is another way to make money on your game, but be careful with this method. These are collections of games. Usually, the indie game developers themselves somehow cooperate with each other, and it turns out that it is more profitable to buy the collection immediately.
However, it is not recommended to immediately join the bundles, only if the game is fragile financially. This means that more people will have a game for almost zero price, and they will never buy it full priced. The new people you attract will buy it at a low price on a bundle – and they last an average of three weeks.

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The bundle is an excellent solution when the game is already beginning to be forgotten by players, a decent amount of time has passed.

My conclusions and parting words

If you have a good game – do not hesitate, upload it to Steam – this is all quite hard, and it requires some effort. I did not regret that I published the game on the Steam game platform, even though sales are low. But it gave a great experience and came in handy for the future. I think this is a big step forward for you as a game developer. Moreover, it is great that such an excellent opportunity has appeared today. Do not miss it!

With love, the development team of daggergames!

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