Which engine to choose to create your game? - Part 2

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Which engine to choose to create your game? - Part 2

This is the second part of the article series devoted to game engine selections. Below, I have provided the most accessible and understandable beginner programs. If you are determined to try to create a game without having at least minimal programming knowledge, then these programs will suit you perfectly. For most of the programs on the Internet in the public domain, there are resources available. I advise you to read them as well. The first part of our MMO was made using these programs. In the next part, I will explain the more serious programs, so do not stay at this level for a long time!

For beginners – Stencyl or GameMaker

If you are just starting to make games and have no experience in programming, you better start with the simplest tools. The most popular and universally recognized are Stencyl and GameMaker. Both are easy to learn by newbies, and several quality games have already been created on their basis.

Stencyl allows you to make games without programming. The interface is completely drag and drop, and games can be released on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Flash. If you have never dealt with something like Scratch, you will immediately recognize the LEGO-like approach to building code by placing blocks. Stencyl was conceived for the simple creation of non-complex games, so it often serves as the basis for puzzles and side scrollers. Something complicated will be problematic, so if you decide to work on an RPG or strategy game, take a closer look at another software. With the help of Stencyl, several popular games appeared. It also has built-in training that will tell you everything you need to know.

GameMaker is another free utility for beginners, with which you can make games for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. As in Stencyl, almost everything works with dragging, but there are also hooks for multiplayer games, links to external SDKs, the ability to change the code, and much more. The free version when exporting imposes watermarks, but GameMaker is excellent for first time users and contains built-in learning. There is no genre restriction, as in Stencyl, and you can find separate guides for different types of games. GameMaker made the original version of Hotline Miami.

Of course, everything is not limited to these two options. Buildbox is a relatively new utility available during the trial period and is offering a training program to study the workings of the program. GameSalad is a well-known popular platform, although there are complaints about bugs and precarious work. The construct is worth your attention if you want to make games in HTML5. In any case, the main problem is that you have to restrain your design ideas. The games will turn out to be buggy and non-working if you try to go beyond the conceived system. And yet, this is an excellent place to start and a suitable option with no programming experience.

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